A Patterned Skirt Surpasses All

Winter has always been my favorite season ( or maybe I say that for every season?)  but I really love winter. The air becomes crisp and the skies become white sprinkled with grey clouds and the rain bcomes more frequent. I can layer my clothes without worrying about the weather being too warm to wear a scarf and although my hair gets kind of frizzy- I just really love this season.





As I was taking my decorations down from Christmas I found some reindeer ears. Suddenly I had a great idea (Albany, my dog didn’t think it was such a great idea) and wow she did look cute.


I just bought these Adidas tennis shoes- and they’re quite comfortable! The soles of the shoes are able to be taken out which allowed me to put in some arch insoles. Instant walking shoes! Recently, I have been trying to find chic, yet comfortable shoes that could be walked in a lot- but I have not found many shoes that fit that bill. But these Adidas shoes (once I put those arches in) became the answer to my problem.

Stay Elegant,



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