A Pop of Color

I have been really been in love with black and white lately. As also seen in this post  white and black truly are staples of my closet. Using black and white adds an air of sophistication while the hot pink just adds a bit of fun.


Blouse: J.Crew Shoes: Nine West Watch: Swatch


I never was a girl for wearing bright colors, yet this blouse unusually appealed to me. The color is just so blatantly brilliant. Yet, it’s one of my favorite pieces in my closet because of its vibrant hue and thus I have become more confident in wearing outlandish colors.

It’s interesting what a blouse can do for you.


I still have trouble believing that August has descended. It feels like just a week ago it was the beginning of July. Time sure does fly. But, I am really excited for Autumn. Don’t get me wrong,  the season of summer is such a fun filled time… Yet, fall brings cooler weather, boots, scarves, and hot chai tea lattes.

Right now I’ll just enjoy the last few weeks of summer with a glass of iced coffee in hand. 🙂

So…what vibrant color will you be wearing this week?


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