Ever So White


DSC07448 copy

I just adopted a five-year old Sheltie! Her name is Albany and she is quite sweet. Not exactly a lap dog, but the can still fit on my lap 🙂

DSC07434 copyAnd she kind of matches my outfit! More or less…

DSC07459 copy

Jeans: Uniqlo Shoes:Nine West

I have been waiting, for what seems like an eternity, for the chance to wear white jeans. I love these white jeans I bought from Uniqlo, they’re so soft and comfortable and I take any chance I can get to wear them!

DSC07431 copy copyAnd finally, the weather has become warmer and I can wear white pants without feeling extremely bright.The white just adds a brightness that reminds me of snow        (though my experience with snow is limited) and can go with various clothing articles.

I ‘m feeling extremely happy today (for many reasons) but especially for Albany and for white jeans.

Stay Elegant, Caroline


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