Enchantingly Poised



For this outfit, I was really a feeling a vibe of an old-fashion Paris movie. Therefore to go with this vibe, I really wanted photos that seemed vintage-y. I really liked how the photos turned with an antique-esque vibe.




I love this pink button down because it is such a soft pink that it can match with most clothing articles. And since the flowered skirt also has buttons, the outfit looks very organized and symmetrical when the buttons line up.


Top: Pink long sleeve Collar: From an antique store Skirt: Local Store  Shoes: Nine West

This collar I found while digging around at an antique store. I seen other people wear them, yet I had never worn that type of accessory. However, there was an inkling in that back of my mind that it could really make an outfit. So I bought the collar, and I am happy that I did. It looks really great with long sleeve collared shirts and adds a wow factor to any outfit.

(Side Note: Last Friday I cut 5inches off my hair. It feels so lightweight and short! I’m really liking short hair.)

Stay Elegant, Caroline

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